“A fascinating, genuine account of the ups and downs of life as a single mum hitting fifty”
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A Diary From the Frontline of Ordinary Life

On my fiftieth birthday in July 2019 I began a diary to explore everyday life in today’s modern society, including my own personal struggles, some of the wider events of the world, and certain political milestones in the UK. The waning of my youth and the now obvious acceleration of ageing had brought about a mini metaphysical crisis I was struggling to navigate and accept, and as a single mother to ten-year-old neurodiverse twins, joining the psychological minefield of online dating was complicated. Then in the new year of 2020 we began hearing news of a terrifying new virus originating in China that quickly travelled to Italy and was causing utter devastation and death. Within weeks the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the UK and everything changed.

50 is an accidental work of witness to the start of the coronavirus pandemic and a vivid chronicle of an English woman’s middle-age

“Funny, poignant, engrossing”