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A Diary From the Frontline of Ordinary Life

On my fiftieth birthday in July 2019 I begin writing a diary to explore how it feels to be a middle-aged, menopausal woman in today’s modern society. The passing of youth and the obvious acceleration of ageing have brought about a mini metaphysical crisis that I have to navigate carefully – and must eventually accept. At the same time I’m a single mother to ten-year-old twins trying to find a long term partner. Online dating is a psychological minefield but unless I don the PPE and chance my luck amongst the unexploded weapons I’m not even in the game. Then in the new year of 2020 there is talk of a new virus in the world and everything changes forever.

An accidental work of witness to the start of the coronavirus pandemic and a vivid chronicle of an English woman’s middle-age.

“Funny, poignant, engrossing”